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Quantum Engineer is shown attached to the top of a conventional Power Pack.

Quantum Engineer™

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Advanced Analog Controller

Quantum Engineer is shown attached to the top of a conventional Power Pack for illustration.

Later Quantum locomotives are equipped with our new QSI QARC™ (Quantum Analog Remote Control) Technology, which uses special remote control signals to operate different Quantum features without the need for complicated and expensive digital systems like DCC. Add the simple QARC controller, called Quantum Engineer, to your existing Analog power pack as shown above. With Quantum Engineer, you can operate features that are otherwise available only in DCC plus features that are not yet available in DCC.

Wiring is Simple
Two red wires go the variable DC output from the power pack and two black wires go to the track. All features on the power pack remain the same including throttle and reverse switch control. It takes less than five minutes to add Quantum Engineer to your existing power pack.

Operation is Simple
Quantum Engineer allows customers full access to all the Quantum features without having to migrate to Command Control. Every feature is now available at the press of a button.

Quantum Engineer Controllers are designed to easily and quickly operate locomotives that have QARC (Quantum Analog Remote Control) technology.

The Quantum Engineer buttons are organized by function to make operation simpler. The buttons on the right are the Primary Control Keys for engine operation and include horn, bell and brakes.

The set of fifteen gray keys to the left of the Primary Control Keys, are the Locomotive Feature Keys, and provide operation of different engine settings such as lights and fans, as well as controlling different effects like Doppler and Squealing Flange sounds.

The cluster of five keys in a star pattern in the upper left corner are used for two different types of control. During operation, the vertical Arrow keys control sound volume, and the left/right arrow keys select the Throttle Mode. During programming, the arrow keys select the different program options and allow you to change the settings. This group of five keys is called the Star Pad Keys.

The keys in the lower left are used to control the locomotive states of Start Up, Shut Down, Disconnect and Standby as well as locomotive Status reporting. This group is called the Locomotive State Keys.

Voltage Range: 4 – 25 VDC
Maximum Current: 2.5 Amps
Insertion Loss: 0 – 200 mV depending on current demand
Signal to Noise Ratio: 1:1
Power/Program Indicator: Red LED. Continuously lit in Run Mode. Blinking in Program Mode.
Power Consumption: 0.2 – 1.5 watts depending on throttle voltage
Reliability: Over 150,000 command transmissions.

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